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VETROWING® is an industrial laminate with a 90 preformed edge ideal for the production of injection- moulded polyurethane foam panels, specific for the walls of cold rooms. The modular panel VETROWING®can be produced in the smooth or grooved version.
Advantages ■ Good resistance to atmospheric agents ■ High UV stability ■ Good impermeability ■ Good chemical resistance ■ Good electrical insulation ■ Good resistance to abrasion ■ Easy cleaning
Available in different colors: RAL and other colors on request.
Laminates with opaque and glossy Gelcoat

Laminates with gelcoat are ideal for the construction of interior wall panels for Motorhomes, Caravans, Commercial Vehicles, Refrigerated and Buses. Laminates are also used in construction for ventilated wall panels.

Thanks to its special profile, VETROWING® Laminate allows an interlocking joint with excellent aesthetics, without the use of profiles. This solution is ideal for the cleanliness and hygiene of the panels.


The antimicrobial treatment of Vetrorersina’s gelcoat is based on the action of the silver ions (Ag+). The effectiveness of silver in containing bacterial proliferation has been known since ancient times for
its oligodynamic effect, i.e. when small amounts of the substance produce important biological effects. The use of metal has been adopted historically to protect food, drink and environments sensitive to microbial infection.
■ Silver particles are uniformly scattered in the antibacterial layer and they generate a biologically active barrier.
■ Ag+ ions that are on the surface Vetroresina’s antibacterial gelcoat interact with the cell membrane
of the microorganisms, they damage it and penetrate inside the cell. Here they block the metabolic processes and inhibit the reproduction of microbial DNA.
■ The antiseptic action of Vetroresina’s antibacterial gelocat helps to prevent the contamination of substances and materials.The affected microbial spectrum is very broad.


1. The micro-organism comes into contact with the antibacterial gelcoat.

2. Ag+ ions that are on the surface attack the micro-organism.

3. Ag+ ions block metabolic activities and inhibit the micro-organism’s reproductive capacity.

4. In this way, the surface of Vetroresina’s laminate with antibacterial gelocat becomes decontaminated.

Laminates with opaque and glossy Gelcoat

Production of insulation panels for cold stores, refrigerated warehouses and insulation for industries and commercial premises, both for external and internal use. Worktops for greenhouses and nurseries.

Meat processing and charcuterie sector.

• Fish sector;
• Poultry sector;
• Logistics sector in general.