Vetroresina laminates can be supplied in rolls or sheets of various sizes, with the following types of packaging.


Each roll is packaged with protective material (bubble wrap) and labelled to facilitate product traceability. It can be dispatched in various ways:

  • with 60 cm polystyrene packaging;
  • on a pallet with 60 cm or 70 cm iron supports (returnable);
  • on a custom-sized wooden pallet.


The sheets can be of various sizes and are packed and labelled for easy product traceability; the shipment takes place on wooden pallets.

Storage and use

For optimal use, the material (also with protective film) must be stored in a dry and weatherproof place. Before use, it is advisable to condition the material at room temperature for 24 hours

The protective film can be kept until the end of the production cycle to protect the surface from scratches and processing defects. However, it must be removed before outdoor exposure as it is not intended for protection against corrosion, humidity, water or chemicals.

The material must be handled by means appropriate to the size and shape of the product, paying particular attention to the edges. The use of forklifts equipped with grippers is recommended for handling rolls.


Clean the laminates with a soft cloth, water and a neutral detergent. In case of stubborn dirt, such as oil and grease, it may be useful to use warm soapy water (40-45 °C). Never use detergents and products containing organic solvents, alcohol or ammonia as their aerosols and vapours could also damage the product.

Locations in the world

Vetroresina has 4 production plants, two in Italy, one in Brazil and one in the United States as well as a dense network of distributors located all over the world to respond promptly to Client requests.

Vetroresina Italy - Headquarters

Vetroresina Spa
Via Portuense, 10
Masi San Giacomo

Headquarters Vetroresina U.S.A.

Vetroresina LLC
6 Idaho Street
SC 29605

Vetroresina Brazil -  Headquarters

Vetroresina do Brasil LTDA
Km 256.3s/n°
Botucatu SP