Fire resistant self-extinguishing FRP panels

Fire resistant self-extinguishing FRP laminates

SELF-EXTINGUISHING, fire resistant FRP panels, characterized by low toxicity smoke emission.

FRP laminates with flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties

Depending on the degree of fire resistance and aesthetic properties required, SELF-EXTINGUISHING industrial FRP sheets can be made with GELCOAT fire resistant, with traditional GELCOAT or without GELCOAT.

  • Good resistance to atmospheric agents
  • Good UV stability
  • High rigidity
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Easy cleaning

The SELF-EXTINGUISHING fiberglass reinforced plastic panels are ideal in all applications where high fire resistance is required, such as in the construction industry, for laboratories and mobile clinics and for public transport.

SELF-EXTINGUISHING FRP panels meet class A, B and C  as per ASTM E-84.

with Gelcoat or without Gelcoat

Interior finishes

Mechanical sanding


External finishes