VETROSTYLE PVC® flooring FRP panels


VETROSTYLE PVC® industrial GRP panels designed for the construction of motorhome floors and interior flooring for the building sector.

FRP laminate with PVC coating

In VETROSTYLE PVC® industrial FRP panels, the GELCOAT layer is replaced by a decorative PVC that serves as the panel's external finish.

Compared to traditional solutions, VETROSTYLE PVC® FRP sheet can be used to construct floors using an unbroken sheet and also provides greater lightness depending on the choice of fiberglass substrate.

VETROSTYLE PVC® flooring FRP panels are characterised by:

  • Good impermeability
  • High scratch resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Good impact resistance (single sheet, no joints)
  • Easy cleaning

Interior finishes

Mechanical sanding


Sanded by mould