Vetroresina has been producing fiberglass reinforced plastic laminates since 1968. The great operational capacity of the company is the result of careful research carried out in the field of composite materials associated with the study and continuous improvement of processing techniques.

Vetroresina S.p.A. has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 quality certification.

Vetroresina for the environment

Vetroresina is constantly committed to improving the environmental sustainability of its production activities, exploiting renewable energy sources and controlling the emissions of styrene (a potentially harmful hydrocarbon used to process fibreglass).

In 2018, the company decided to raise its industrial standards further still by investing in an ambitious company expansion project. The current project involves the installation of technologies that reduce the environmental impact of chemicals used in production processes and provide for the almost total coverage of the company's energy needs with renewable sources to 85-90%.
In fact, the factory uses cogeneration plants for the combined production of electricity and useful heat for heating the water used in the production plants.

The recent entry of VETRORESINA SPA into the shareholding structure of GEES RECYCLING SRL demonstrates VETRORESINA's commitment to an innovative project for the recycling of industrial waste, end-of-life fibreglass products and non-thermosetting materials.

Vetroresina Presentation

Presentation of Vetroresina and in-depth analysis of the production of industrial plastic laminates by Confindustria Emilia.


  • Founded in 1968, over the years Vetroresina has planned substantial investments to maintain and increase the production level of the company. Thanks also to collaborations with universities and experts in the sector, it has been able to grasp the variations and new market needs, becoming a reference point worldwide in the production of industrial plastic laminates.
  • In June 2000 Vetroresina opened a factory in Brazil, in the state of Sao Paulo, to meet the needs of the South American market.
  • Since May 2008 the company has operated a new production site in the USA to better meet the demands of the North American market.
  • In 2019 Vetroresina expanded its factory in Italy, with 5000 square meters of new space and a consequent increase of 20% of the company's total production.


The Vetroresina Staff is made up of trained personnel, constantly updated, ready to respond to every need of the Client. The main figures of the Staff are:

  • SERGIO SFARRA,<br/>Production Manager SERGIO SFARRA,
    Production Manager
  • LUIGI CURSIO,<br/>Sales Manager LUIGI CURSIO,
    Sales Manager

Vetroresina and Gees Recycling

Gees Recycling

On October 18, 2018, through the subsidiary VETRORESINA RECYCLING SRL, the entry of VETRORESINA SPA into the shareholding structure of GEES RECYCLING SRL was completed, this latter a company based in Aviano that deals with the recovery of fibreglass waste and other thermosetting materials with a patented and highly innovative process. GEES RECYCLING is able to transform production waste into new design products finished by hand and in turn 100% recyclable.

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Vetroresina and Spal


Since 2013 Vetroresina S.p.A. has been the owner of the sports club SPAL, Ferrara football team. The considerable economic effort made by the Colombarini family has ensured the necessary financial support to the sports club, contributing to the achievement of very high sports results, which allowed SPAL to return to Serie A in 2017.