Special FRP panels

FRP panels

Vetroresina produces a wide range of FRP panels, in special versions with special properties, such as specific anti-slip or fire resistance characteristics.

Special FRP laminates

This category also includes decorative FRP panels that allow the insertion of PVC sheets with various finishes and fiberglass reinforced plastic panels for specific uses.

  • Antislip anti-slip FRP floor panels

    ANTISLIP industrial FRP panels with anti-slip properties, waterproof and easily washable, ideal for flooring.

  • VETROWING® FRP panels for cold rooms

    VETROWING® industrial FRP panel characterized by a preformed edge with 90° angle, specifically designed for the construction of cold room walls.

  • VETROSTYLE PVC® flooring FRP panels

    VETROSTYLE PVC® industrial GRP panels designed for the construction of motorhome floors and interior flooring for the building sector.

  • VETROSKIN® industrial FRP sheets for floors and walls panels

    VETROSKIN® industrial FRP sheets specially designed for floors and walls panels. Waterproof, easily washable and anti-slip laminates.

  • Fire resistant self-extinguishing industrial FRP laminates

    SELF-EXTINGUISHING, fire resistant industrial FRP laminates, characterized by low toxicity smoke emission.

  • Industrial laminates with HIGH RESISTANCE "HR" WOVEN ROVING

    Industrial FRP laminates with HIGH RESISTANCE "HR" WOVEN ROVING, versatile and with excellent mechanical properties.

  • VetroPrint FRP panels with customized surface

    VetroPrint is the newest technology provided by Vetroresina for FRP panels. Using our VetroPrint along with different textures, you can customize any surface with your own design with our Matte, High Gloss, Textured Vetroskin, and Textured Woodgrain finish.