MAT GRP Laminates

MAT Industrial GRP laminates

Standard GRP laminate made with MAT glass fibre. Versatile industrial laminate with good mechanical and aesthetic properties, available in RAL colours and custom colours. Available in version with and without GELCOAT.

MAT GRP laminate

Industrial plastic laminates with fibreglass MAT are available in versions with or without Gelcoat and can be manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses, versions, weights and finishes and are characterized by:

  • Good resistance to atmospheric agents
  • High UV stability
  • Good impermeability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Easy cleaning

The GRP laminates with gelcoat are ideal for the production of panels for interior walls of motorhomes, caravans, commercial vehicles, refrigerated vehicles and buses.MAT GRP sheets  are also used in construction for the construction of ventilated wall panels.

Laminates without gelcoat are used in the construction of floor panels for motorhomes, caravans, refrigerated vehicles and buses.

with Gelcoat or without Gelcoat

Interior finishes





Mechanical sanding


Sanded by mould




External finishes