GRP panels for signs, billboards, dry freight vehicles etc

GRP panels for other applications

Fibreglass is a very versatile composite material that can easily be used in less common sectors such as signage or "dry freight" vehicles that require specific insulation characteristics.

GRP laminates for house boats

GRP panels can be used with excellent results whenever a lightweight, insulating, highly resistant surface is required. Thanks to their special properties, fibreglass panels are the ideal solution for the construction of billboards, panels for "dry freight" vehicles, signage, etc..

In addition to the main applications listed, fiberglass reinforced plastic laminates are used in many other sectors. By way of example, we report the most significant ones: construction, boating, trains, civil and industrial insulation, fittings and fixtures, special means of transport for horses, currency transport, insulation of ventilation equipment, construction for rides, swimming pools, containers for fish breeding and reproduction, structures for packaging and transporting works of art, wind power sector...

  • GRP panels for billboards

    Resistance, rigidity and lightness make GRP panels the ideal solution for the signage sector even in particular climatic conditions, such as on ski slopes.

  • GRP laminates for floor, roof, dry freight side panels
    Dry Freight Vehicles

    GRP laminates are ideal for the construction of wall, roof and floor panels of "DRY FREIGHT" vehicles that require special insulation.

  • GRP panels for the construction sector

    GRP fibreglass panels are increasingly used in the construction industry for the construction of walls, floors and furniture, and are also used as a protective sheath against rising damp in the bases of the walls (double-sanded damp-proof course).