Low Density® lightweight GRP panels

Low Density
GRP panels

Low Density® GRP laminates are fiberglass reinforced plastic panels made with a particular production technology that enables products to be obtained that, with the same thickness, are much lighter than those traditionally obtained.

Low Density Industrial Laminates

Low Density® industrial GRP panels are available in a wide range of RAL colours and also in custom colours.

The main characteristic of these FRP panels is their light weight, combined with good resistance to weathering, chemicals and abrasion. They also have high UV stability and good electrical insulation. Like all fiberglass panels, they are extremely easy to clean.

  • Lightweight Low Density® MAT GRP panels
    LD MAT (with and without gelcoat)

    Low Density® MAT industrial GRP panels that is particularly light and thin, characterized by a pronounced flatness. Available with and without GELCOAT.

  • Lightweight Low Density® MAT/WOVEN ROVING GRP panels
    LD MAT/WOVEN ROVING (with and without gelcoat)

    Light and thin Low Density® MAT/WOVEN ROVING industrial GRP panels with pronounced flatness. The inner layer of woven roving gives greater mechanical performance while maintaining lightness and versatility.

  • High thickness Vetrolite GRP laminates
    Vetrolite® (with gelcoat)

    VETROLITE® light GRP panel with pronounced thickness, characterized by exceptional flatness and low weight.