Enlargement work is also continuing in the United States.

News of the:

At our facility in Greenville, South Carolina, work is underway to install the 120m (393ft) production lines to best meet the needs of American customers.

Expansion work is also continuing in the United States

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Locations in the world

Vetroresina has 4 production plants, two in Italy, one in Brazil and one in the United States as well as a dense network of distributors located all over the world to respond promptly to Client requests.

Vetroresina Italy - Headquarters

Vetroresina Spa
Via Portuense, 10
Masi San Giacomo

Headquarters Vetroresina U.S.A.

Vetroresina LLC
Donaldson Industrial Park
6 Idaho Street
29605 Greenville, SC

Vetroresina Brazil -  Headquarters

Vetroresina do Brasil LTDA
Km 256.3s/n°
Botucatu SP