Vetrostyle GRP Laminates for camper vans and walls

This GRP panels has been designed for the construction of camper van interiors and use in the furnishing industry. For this laminates, the gelcoat is replaced by scratch-resistant impregnated decor paper. Unlike conventional solutions, this product makes it possible to construct camper van walls using a single sheet, without the need for continuity systems. It is also be possible to reduce the weight by selecting the right type of glass fibre support.

In general, this laminate offers:

  • Good impermeability
  • Good scratch resistance
  • No odour absorption
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Good impact strength (single sheet, no joints)
  • Ease of cleaning

Recommended applications

  • Camper vans, caravans and mobile homes: construction of internal wall panels
  • Construction: internal wall panels

Main characteristics

  • Glass fibre: all possible combinations of MAT and WOVEN ROVING. LD laminates can also be created with a Vetrostyle finish
  • Available in thicknesses ranging from 1.0 mm to 4.0 mm
  • Weight 1.4 – 4.0 kg/m²
  • External finish: paper with the option of customised decor
  • Rear finish: sanded, mechanically sanded, calibrated

Specific properties

  • EPA 8015D free styrene content less than 1% in weight
  • ISO 8302 thermal conductivity: 0.065 W/mK
  • UNI EN 12086:1999 resistance to water vapour: 50,000<µ<90,000
  • Operating temperature from -30°C to 70°C
  • Water absorption with internal method less than 0.5% in weight



The surfaces of Vetroresina’s laminates may have different finishes, depending on the type of application; the external surface may be glossy, matt and with or without gelcoat, whilst the internal surface may be rough, sanded or smooth. All of the laminates can be produced in various RAL colours or even in customised colours. Here are some examples of the finishes available:

  • Finishing n.1
  • Finishing n.3
  • Walnut wood finish
  • Wenge wood finish
  • Clear wood finishing
  • Finishing n.6
  • Finishing n.7
  • Finishing n.9
  • Finishing n.9
  • Finishing n.10

Packing and transport


Each roll is packaged with protective material (bubble wrap) and labelled to facilitate product traceability. It can be dispatched in various ways:

  • with 60 cm polystyrene packaging;
  • on a pallet with 60 cm or 70 cm iron supports (returnable);
  • on a custom-sized wooden pallet.

The sheets may be of various sizes and are packaged and labelled to facilitate product traceability. They may be dispatched on wooden pallets or returnable iron supports.

  • 60 cm polystyrene packaging
  • Packaging on a pallet with 60 cm or 70 cm iron supports (returnable)
  • Rolls on a custom-sized wooden pallet
  • Packaging in Sheets of various sizes

Do you need a special laminate?

We custom make laminates upon request to satisfy all of the requirements your application might have. We produce industrial laminates of different thicknesses and with different specifications using a variety of combinations of woven, glass and resins. You can click the buttons below to request your free sample and a catalogue. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to ask for a personalized quote.

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