Vetroresina Industrial Laminates

Vetroresina has produced Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Laminates since 1968. Vetroresina’s laminates are the result of years of experience and continuous technological improvements, and they constitute an extremely versatile product range, They are able to meet the latest market requirements and being an ideal solution to many diverse applications: from motor homes to industrial and commercial vehicles, from cold storage to the building industry, from doors to signage.

Two of our new products:

Vetrowing Laminates

Vetroresina has developed a new laminate with an edge preformed at 90°, suitable for the production of injected polyurethane foam panels, specifically for cold stores

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Vetro LD Laminates

This range of products is the result of several studies and tests carried out by Vetroresina, and enable the economical manufacture of thinner grades, from 1.3 mm to 3.0mm, in coils or sheets, with significant weight reductions and improved flatness compared with traditional materials. Low density laminates are available with and without gelcoat.


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