Fiberglass and bacteria

Fiberglass laminates are easy to clean making it really hard for viruses, bacteria, molds and fungus to grow. However, in order to guarantee products that are antibacterial certified, Vetroresina is studying a special laminate treated with silver ions. Contact us to have more information in regards to these antibacterial laminates.

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Does fiberglass become yellow?

One of the biggest issues of fiberglass is the possibility of it yellowing as time goes by. Our advice is to choose laminates made with top quality materials that have been tested and certified to make sure that the yellowing process is kept within tolerance. Vetroresina has been conducting tests for over 10 years in […]

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Getting bigger and lighter

You can find an article about us in About Camp 16, we would like to invite you to read the interview “Getting bigger and lighter” with our CEO Simone Colombarini    

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