New line coming soon, 120 meters laminates

The new production plant will bring an important innovation in the production of laminates. Vetroresina will be the first to launch a new and innovative 120-meter production line!! We will keep you posted!!

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How do you keep the rats out of the camper?

Question on Quora: The campers with fiberglass interior are easier to clean, the wood absorbs water and odors and is difficult to keep clean. On the contrary, the fiberglass can be washed and sanitized unreasonably removing crumbs and food residues that can attract mice. Fiberglass also, unlike wood is not desirable for unwanted guests !!

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Vetroresina LLC growing its operations in Greenville County

Vetroresina is expanding its existing operations in Greenville County with the investment of $7.5 million and the creation of 17 new jobs.  Read about the success of our company:

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