“We won the bet in the deep America”

“The Expansion has begun” Elena Colombarini talks about the future strategies for Vetroresina LLC in the USA.

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Elena Colombarini, General Manager of Vetroresina LLC in USA proudly states:

“We won the bet in the deep America”

“We have just broken ground for our new expansion in the past few days”. Elena Colombarini, General Manager of Vetroresina LLC USA, talks about how the family business – she is the niece of the owner- has won the bet to invest in the United States in a rather remote area, Greenville, now center of the economic development of South Carolina, not too far from Spartanburg, known now as a major industrial center, housing big names, such as BMW, Michelin, and other Japanese giants.
“We opened the company in 2008 during a really complicated time for the business but we persevered. We invested in the United States because our customers required our presence here since our product is not easy to ship and move. Our main areas of business are RVs and Motorhomes”. Vetroresina manufactures flat reinforced fiberglass panels. The first investment in the American soil was 14 million dollars, helped along with tax incentives and carried on with the levelling of the ground and the training of the labor. The company currently employs about 30 employees.
South Carolina was chosen for a few different reasons: “The product doesn’t perform at its best in the cold weather, and we wanted to be in the East Coast to make the communications with Europe a little bit easier but not too close to the ocean to avoid hurricanes”. Greenville became the ideal location, beating Alabama and Florida also due to “the subsidies and the incentives that were given to us and the fact that it is a quickly developing town, with features that are becoming more and more visible to the Europeans.
The success is in the numbers: Vetroresina LLC annual income is around 20 million dollars, about 30% of the total of the group, compared to only 1 million dollars generated in the first year. The time has come to raise the bar again: “the expansion will require an additional investment of 8-10 million dollars, and it will allow us to double our capacity”, explains Colombarini. “it will allow us to implement a new technology that will make it possible for us to double the length of our laminates, from the current 60 meters to 120 meters, providing an answer to the North-American demand”.
Custom designed machines and facilities will require about a year and a half to be fully built, installed and active; however, the new technology will be implemented in the main facility in Italy, close to Ferrara, starting at the end of the year.
Even though the main focus of the business are RVs and Motorhomes, the company also offers a variety of products to other industries, such as Refrigerated Trucks, Buses, Boats and Yachts, Building and Food Service. Products are also offered for other different projects; one example could be the special storing cabins used to protect delicate and expensive tools and equipment from adverse weather conditions, for example, in the petrochemical industry. Most of the time, the products are custom made. “We are in competition with the aluminum and with the steel, but the demand is shifting towards our products, because they are repairable and because, besides the quality, they bear the innovation of the Italian and European technology.


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